Foreign Field Trips:

The 6th Geological Conference of the GSTT will feature 2 ‘off-island’ field trips – one to our sister isle Tobago and the other to Barbdaos.  Field trips will focus on re-examining controversial outcrops charged with our new ideas and technologies to generate new models or reconfirm previous models.

All trips are inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodation, meals, ground transportation and field guides.

Trip supported by Barbados Division of Energy


Field Guides sponsored by Petrocom Technologies



Friday 26th – Saturday 27th May 2017        

1. Tobago – Mid Cretaceous Arc Development, Sedimentarty Cover and Neotectonics hammer_img

Led by Prof. John Weber, Dr. Jenny Arkle & Mr. Xavier Moonan

On this 2-day vehicle-assisted foot excursion across Tobago we will walk to strategically located, key bedrock outcrops that illustrate Tobago’s early geological and tectonic history, including igneous and metamorphic basement rocks of: 1) primitive island arc/ island arc tholeiite basalt and andesite volcanic breccias, tuffs and lava flows of the Tobago Volcanic Group (rotated ccw about a vertical axis ~90°) associated ultramafic–tonalitic plutons, 2) the North Coast schist wall rocks, and 3) mafic dikes.  Next, we will walk the sedimentary cover rocks including: 1) the normal-fault bounded, but vertically unrotated, mid-Pliocene Rockly Bay Formation rift-fill sequence, and 2) down-dropped and internally faulted southern lowlands Pleistocene reef cap rocks.  In addition, Tobago’s on-going neotectonics will be examined by visiting and discussing localities such as: 1) the Southern Tobago Fault Zone, active during major 1982 and 1997 earthquakes, and other young faults, 2) GIS-derived landscape analyses, erosion rates from basin-wide 10Be analyses, and 3) new Ap and ZR FT and He thermochronology results from on-land bedrock and near-offshore Tertiary basin fill units.


Bus departs Hyatt Regency at 4:00am bound for Piarco International Airport. Flight to Tobago (BW 1504) at 7:40am. The group will then board the Tour Bus in Tobago and head straight to the outcrops!

Return flight (BW 1537) arrives in POS at 8:00pm. A bus will be available to take attendees back to the Hyatt Regency.  




Friday 26th – Saturday 27th May 2017        

2. Barbados – Geology of the Scotlands District, Barbados and evolutionary models for the Lesser Antilles Arc and Accretionary Prism

Led by Dr. James Pindell, Dr. Rod Graham & Mr. Leslie Barker

Along the beautiful eastern Scotlands District of Barbados, this two-day international field trip will visit and describe most of the major depositional units and the mud diapirs, so that attendees can gain a comprehensive understanding of the stratigraphy (tectonostratigraphy) and structure beneath the Pleistocene reef cap of the rest of Barbados. The oil-rich Scotland Formation and its cover sequences, and the Joe’s River diapiric melanges, fit nicely into models of accretionary prism tectonics. We shall review and assess how this story fits into the various models for regional development and its relation to Trinidad and Tobago: (1) pre-plate tectonic paleogeographic concepts (Senn, 1940); (2) Barbados as the product of the progressive development of a single southeast-facing accretionary prism; (3) the merging of two accretionary prisms for Caribbean-South American interaction (Pindell et al., 1991, 2009); and (4) eastward accretion of continental slope and rise strata (Chaderton, 2009). The diversity of working tectonic models shows the need for further work on the Barbados Ridge, particularly in geochronology and offshore terrane definition from seismic data, in the hope of continuing to improve our understanding of the evolution and hydrocarbon potential of Barbados Ridge and the whole of the southeast Caribbean. The field trip will be supported by seismic lines provided by ION Geophysical, which will allow us to integrate the Grenada and Tobago basins, and the entire accretionary prism down to the deformation toe.



Bus departs Hyatt Regency at 4:00am bound for Piarco International Airport. Flight to Barbados (BW 412) at 8:05am. The group will then board the Tour Bus in Barbados and head straight to the outcrops!

Return flight (BW 449) arrives in POS at 8:15pm. A bus will be available to take attendees back to the Hyatt Regency.



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