Business of Petroleum

The #6thgstt is being held  on 22nd-24th May, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain.  The conference will comprise of three days of Technical Talks including 2 symposiums, 3 pre-conference short courses,  1 pre-conference field trip , 4 post-conference field trips and 2 post-conference off-island trips to Barbados and Tobago.

With the conference slogan ’Rising to the Challenge: Developing Solutions, #6thgstt will commence with a Business of Petroleum’  session  which will provide an overview of our ailing oil and gas industry, asking some of the key questions and hopefully receiving answers and suggesting solutions. We have broadened the focus but will attempt to address the issues that the country is currently facing and how we should plan for the future. It is a topic that should attract the interest of our national and international public.

Among the key questions that will be asked:

Given the Trinidad and Tobago scenario (our oil acreage position), what are our possible options for increasing oil production for the short, medium and long term?

Is the country’s insistence in adhering to the competitive bidding model (only) for the award of acreage for exploration in our best interest, transparency notwithstanding?

What are the impediments for bringing gas to the market on demand?

-What are the supply issues?

-Are there regulatory issues?

-Can we incentivize companies to keep gas behind pipe?

-Do we revert to the original model where NGC takes all the risk or do we spread the risk throughout the value chain?

The panel for this session will include:

Senator the Honourable Franklyn Khan (Minister of Energy and Energy Industries)

Mr Kevin Ramnarine (Former Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs)

Professor Andrew Jupiter (Chairman of Petrotrin, Member of the Board for NGC and Former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries

Mr Joel Pemberton (Chief Officer, DeNovo)

Mr Derek Hudson (Vice President, Shell Trinidad and Tobago)


Dr. John Saunders Stratigraphic Symposium 

The #6thgstt conference includes a Dr. John Saunders Stratigraphic Symposium on Tuesday 23rd May.

Dedicated to the late John Saunders who spent his retirement working on the Geology of Trinidad.

The GSTT recognises that Stratigraphic charts form the backbone of geological thought and concepts and underpin our understanding of known and potential resource accumulations across the southeast Caribbean.  The GSTT hosted a series of workshops during 2013-2016 which examined aspects of the Trinidad and Tobago stratigraphy and formalized the objectives and approach for the stratigraphic update.

There will be a memoriam to Dr Saunders done by his colleague Dr John Frampton and this will be followed by a  series of short presentations intended to share  ongoing research, current debates and highlight resource issues  that involve the stratigraphy of the southeastern Caribbean.

The Panel will include:

Dr John Frampton – Biostratigrapher , Textrin, Biostrat igraphic Associates

Dr Hasley Vincent – BPTT

Professor Brent Wilson – UWI, St. Augustine

Mr Christopher Lakhan – Biostratigrapher – Petrotrin

Clement Ramroop – Former Senior Geologist – Petrotrin


Exploration Symposium

Additionally the #6thgstt conference features an Exploration Symposium on Wednesday 24th May to wrap up the Technical Presentations of the conference.

Academics and Explorationists will be invited to examine the geology of the Circum-Caribbean/Atlantic Region as exposed by both research and exploration in the region. The panel will be asked inter alia to discuss:

  • Competing geologic models and new ideas on basin evolution of the Circum-Caribbean/Atlantic Basin;
  • The tectonostratigraphic relationships across these basins;
  • The mirror image Atlantic Basin theory has it been strengthened or debunked?
  • Prospective hydrocarbon basins around the Caribbean





Brownfield Development

  • A. Lochan, C. Ramgattie, V. Rastogi, M. Mowassie; Using the past and present to develop the future – the value of Subsurface information in Mature fields
  • K. Benjamin, K. Fletcher, S. Jemmot, M. Lumkin, N. Jones, T. Rampersad, D. Dickey, H. Vincent; Improved Geologic Understanding of the TP82 Reservoir and its Impact on Potential Future Development
  • S. Jagdeo, R. Partap, T. Johnson; A Columbus Basin 3D Seismic OBC Testimony: Expanding the Static and Dynamic descriptions of the Main Savonette Gas Field

Geophysics (1)

  • N. Khan, C. Munn; Impact of OBC Seismic on BPTT Exploration and Resource Appraisal
  • V. Rambaran, S. Barron, E. Beal, Z. Liu, C. Theriot; Improving our subsurface understanding with Advanced Seismic Imaging
  • T. Shearer, K. Vincent, K. Parker, J. Bronikowski, K. Birjue, P. Paramo; Improving the Resolution of OBC Seismic for Overburden Analysis: SEQB Mirror Imaging


  • C. Jupiter, M. Soroush; Response Surface Methodology used to determine influencing Parameters and Production Optimization in Mature Heavy Oil Reservoir: Guapo, Trinidad.
  • M. Budri, R. Jebodhsingh, R. Maharaj, C. Robinson, T. Steele, H. Williams; Implementation of Novel Real-Time Geosteering Technologies Leads to Horizontal Drilling Success in Onshore Trinidad
  • I. Roopa, V. Rastogi, N. Haynes, D. Dickey, K. Baksh; Unearthing the impact of Geology on Aquifer Systems and its Effect on Hydrocarbon Recovery in Gas Reservoirs in the Columbus Basin
  • S. Seetahal, D. Alexander, D. Boodlal, S. A. Ganase; Evaluating an enhanced oil recovery project using Carbon Capture and storage with inherent technical uncertainty and oil price uncertainty
  • J. Edosa., M. Soroush, J. Oskouei, D. Alexander; Effect of Foamy Oil Behaviour in Production Prediction of Trinidad Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Seismic Case Studies and Reservoir Characterization

  • T. Shearer, R. Israel, K. Birjue; Spectral Decomposition delivers a step change improvement in reservoir characterization, Columbus Basin Trinidad
  • P. Paramo, K. Vincent, K. Birjue, S. Cardinez, T. Rampersad; Overpressured Shale and Sand Discrimination through AVO analysis of full azimuth OBC Seismic in Trinidad’s Columbus Basin
  • J. Fortune, R. Jackman; Thin Bedded Pay the lost resource; quantifying the resource left in thin bedded pay contributions within a Deltaic System in the Columbus Basin
  • N. Benfield, V. Rambaran, J. Dowlath, T.Sinclair, M. Evans, J. Richardson, A. Ratcliffe, A. Irving; Extracting geological information directly from high-resolution full-waveform inversion velocity models – a case study from offshore Trinidad
  • C. Archie; The Sum Sum member of the Talparo Formation, Using Outcrops, Well log and Seismic Data to Characterise the Depositional Environment and Distribution of a Gas Reservoir




Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Mineralogy

  • P. J. Hamilton; A mineral analysis workflow for drill cuttings at the wellsite: applications to geothermal and petroleum resource exploration, appraisal and development
  • M. Ramnath , M. Bowman, E.Rutter, T. Lowe, R. Bradley; Alternative solutions for sampling and reservoir quality analysis of friable samples: Thin Bedded Sandstones of the Mayaro Formation.
  • H. Vincent; What is the Middle Miocene Unconformity 

Rock Physics & Well Planning

  • K. Ramcharitar; Rock Mechanical Properties of Shallow Unconsolidated Sandstone Formations
  • A. Bertie; Optimized Methodology for Evaluating Horizon and Fault Depth Uncertainty for Well Planning

Petroleum Systems & Geochemistry

  • K. M. Persad; A possible mechanism for migration and/ or re-migration of liquid hydrocarbons
  • R. Partap, A. Hospedales, R. Israel; Paleo Residual Gas in the Columbus Basin
  • A. Haddad; Mud Volcanoes : a blessing or a curse
  • S. Paul, N. Gallai-Ragobar, C. Archie; The Geochemistry of Trinmar Oils hidden in Royalty Lease Evaluation Distillation Data
  • A. Baboolal, R. Littke, B. Wilson, T. A. Stock, J. Knight; Petrolographical and geochemical characterization of lignites, sub-bituminous coals and carbonaceous sediments from the Erin Formation, Southern Basin, Trinidad. Implications on microfacies, depositional environment and organic matter alteration
  • C. Archie; Structural evolution and its influence on the deposition of sediments, type of organic matter and hydrocarbons generated in the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, West Indies

Exploration & Appraisal Case Studies (1)

  • E. P. Vidal, F. S. Ferrer; Latin America Exploration Outlook – Implications for Trinidad and Tobago
  • N. Somai, A. Ramsook; BPTT’s New Frontier – the Juniper Story, BPTT’s first subsea development in the Columbus Basin
  • T. Gunness, R. Partap; Building Confidence through Forensic Analysis: Deep Field Prospectivity
  • J. Bhajan; Deepwater Exploration: Columbus Basin Offshore Trinidad 1998-2003 Drilling Campaign Revisited
  • R. Ameerali, T. Lawler, E. P. Vidal; New Plays in Mature Basins: Old Dogs, Better Tricks
  • M. Gutierrez; 3D Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis and Identification of Potential Reservoir Sands

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources 

  • G. Depine, E. P. Vidal; How the Vaca Muerta unconventional play has changed the gas market perspective in Argentina
  • A. Thomas; Challenges facing solar energy within the Caribbean


  •  K. Reddock; A Brief Revisiting of the Plutonic Suite of South Western Tobago


Geophysics (2)

  • T. Dhanpaul,  S. Ragbir; Imaging in Petrotrin’s congested offshore fields- A case history in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad
  • R. Jowett, K. Abdulah, J. Cai, W. Crane, T. Lee, H. Lockhart, G. Thomas; Age calibration and structural interpretation of a mega-3D seismic survey in the deep-water portion of Trinidad and Tobago
  • S. Portugal,T. Ruchiga and S. Sancevero; Enhancement of anomalies in time-lapse seismic data by means of principal component analysis

Stratigraphic Symposium

  • H. Vincent, R. Israel, R. Sandiford, A. Bowman; Genetic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Columbus Basin
  • C. Ramroop; A geological review of the south western flank of the Central Range, Caroni Basin by application of the North American Stratigraphic code



Tony Paul – Energy Strategy Adviser: How Training in Geology opened up a Wide and Varied Career in and beyond Geology



H. Vincent, P. Farfan, B. Wilson; The Nariva Formation: clues from outcrops





Paleontology & Biostratigraphy

  • L. S. Sum,B. Wilson; Comparing Upper Quaternary planktonic foraminiferal ecostratigraphy at tropical and subtropical latitudes
  • A. Pollard; The depositional environment of Miocene carbonates from the Central Range, Trinidad: A preliminary investigation into the (TCL) Mayo Quarry limestones
  • B. Wilson, X. Moonan, L. C. Hayek; Mio-Pliocene Micropalaeontology offshore NW Tobago

Regional Tectonics & Seismology

  • P. Mann, K. Batbayar, J. Hippolyte; Changes in Caribbean plate direction inferred from paleostress measurements in the circum-Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region
  • J. Weber, H. Geirsson, J. L. Latchman, K. Shaw, P. L. Femina, M. Higgins, C. Churches, S. Wdowinski, E. Norabuena; Tectonic inversion in the Caribbean-South American plate boundary: GPS Geodesy, Seismology, and Tectonics of the Mw 6.7 April 22, 1997 Tobago earthquake
  • I. Papadopoulos; The Trinidad and Tobago Microzonation Project: Understanding and quantifying earthquake risk

Structural Geology

  • J. Weber, H. Geirsson, P. L. Femina, J. L. Latchman, R. Robertson, M. Higgins, K. Miller, C. Churches, K. Shaw; Fault creep and strain partitioning in Trinidad-Tobago: Geodetic measurements, models, and origin of creep
  • R. Partap, T. Gunness, A. Tuitt; Columbus Basin Fault Seal Update
  • G. Julien; M. Soroush; D. Alexander; T. Alvarez; Reservoir Continuity and Fault Determination using Dynamic Data
  • S. Gomez, P. Mann; Three structural trends within the Barbados Accretionary Prism and their tectonic significance
  • J. Nichols, J. Weber; Structural Analyses of Overturned and Sheared Rocks in the Caribbean Orogen Hinterland: Kinematics of Faults and Scaly Fabrics in the Galera Grit and Toco Cataclasite, Toco, Trinidad
  • A. Tuitt, H. Vincent, R. Partap; Transpressional Ridges in the Columbus Basin

Exploration & Appraisal Case Studies (2)

  • V. Singh, R. Nicholas; Geological and Geophysical Evaluation of the ‘Lappe’ Seismic Lead for the Lower Cruse Member of the Cruse Formation
  • C. McLaren; Recent Earthquakes impact production of oil well onshore SW Trinidad
  • T. Alvarez, A. Thomas; Risks and Uncertainties of Deepwater Trinidad and Tobago Plays
  • R. Sandiford, K. Parker, H. Vincent; Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir  Architecture of the Quaternary Sediments of the SEQB Field Columbus Basin Trinidad
  • R. Israel, H. Vincent, R. Partap, T. Shearer, N. Khan, R. Sandiford; Incised Valley systems in the Columbus Basin Shelf, Offshore South East Trinidad
  • K. M. Persad; Sources of and Potential for Liquid Hydrocarbons in the Tobago Trough Area based on new data

Circum Caribbean / Atlantic Basin Exploration

  • T. Alvarez, P. Mann, L. J. Wood; Lithospheric flexure at the Southeastern Caribbean Transitional Tectonic Margin; implications for source rock burial and maturity
  • R. Royero; Eastern Venezuelan Business Opportunities: Natural Gas Fields Development
  • K. Reuber, J. Pindell, B. W. Horn; Evidence for Early Opening Transpression in the Equatorial Atlantic
  • P. Farfan, B. Wilson; The Nariva Formation: Regional Implications
  • J. Pindell, W. Maresch, K. Reuber, J. Wright; The Enigmatic Grenada and Tobago Basins: Seismic data, cooling histories, detrital zircons, regional tectonic framework and plausible opening models
  • K. Tankoo; Tectonics and Stratigraphy of Eocene-Miocene Successions, North-central, Jamaica- New Insight on the Structure and Kinematics across the Northern Platform Boundary Fault



Hayden Romano (EMA, Managing Director) – Geology: Gift or Curse to Trinidad and Tobago



  • J. Razack; Gold Plating in Trinidad and Tobago’s Fiscal Regime
  • E. Bahaw; Cross Border Gas Developments and Bi-lateral Financial Considerations: The Gas of the Loran Manatee Field





  • R. Mathura, N. Sudama, C. McLaren, L. Anderson, X. Moonan; Rejuvenating the Balata West Oilfield, Ortoire Block, South Eastern Trinidad
  • S. Sookram; Proposed development targets for the Forest Formation in East Soldado Field, Gulf of Paria
  • A. Mangra, S. Rajab, X. Moonan; Unfolding structural complexity to resolve the petroleum potential of the Eastern Navette Field, South-East Trinidad
  • S. Radford; Energy Development in the West Indies
  • J. Sidial, S. Rajab, X. Moonan; Re-evaluating the hydrocarbon potential of the Pliocene Gros Morne Sandstones of the Western Navette Field, South-East Trinidad
  • S. K. Jahoor, S. Rajab, X. Moonan; New insights into the Pliocene Forest Sandstones of the Eastern Catshill Field, South-East Trinidad.
  • N. Ramcharan, M. Soroush, D. Kaviani, D. Alexander; Large Scale Brownfield Optimization and Production Prediction Using Dynamic Data
  • D. Mohan; A New Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Project in the Forest Reserve Field



  • N. Lutchman; An Integrated Approach to identify Prospects in the Manzanilla Formation, North Soldado Field, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad.
  • G. Huggins; Occurrence and significance of transgressive deposits in a sediment starved delta – Example from Mio-Pliocene Manzanilla Formation, Northeast Trinidad
  • K. Rattan; Characterization of Neogene Claystones in the Southern Basin, Trinidad
  • G. Farfan, S. Rajab, X. Moonan; Unravelling the depositional and stratigraphic history of the deep-water Herrera turbidite in Catshill Field, Southern Basin, Trinidad, W.I
  • S. Samsoondar, B. Wilson; High resolution benthic foraminiferal ecostratigraphy of the La Fortune Anticline, Cipero Formation, Trinidad, W.I.
  • S. Ali; Ichnology of Pliocene Deltaic Deposits in Trinidad
  • D. Tankoo; The Moruga delta case study- Sediment redistribution along NW South American coastlines; the competing roles of fluvial, wave and tidal processes
  • S. Gazalie, C. Lakhan; A Proposed Late Miocene – Pleistocene Sequence Stratigraphic Framework  For South West Soldado



  • A. Marcano, A. Chang,  B. Wilson; The Varied Stratigraphic Applications of Assemblage Turnover
  • C. Hughes; The Geologic Evolution of San Fernando Hill
  • A. Thomas; Gravity and Magnetic interpretations of onshore Trinidad, evidence of basement inversion and crust involved tectonism
  • S. Khan; The Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing the Growth and Internal Structure of Modern Deltas along the coast of Trinidad – Implications for Potential Reservoir and Source Rocks
  • D. Waldron; Meiofaunal Environmental Impact Assessment of the Southwest Coastline of Trinidad
  • L. Welcome, L. J. Wood; Arid Continental Rift Systems: Exploration of the Rio Grande Rift Basin Complex
  • A. Thomas , M. Wade; The hydrocarbon potential of the Corozal Basin: A new way at looking at a previously explored basin.
  • X. Moonan, K. Moonan, J. Sidial; Roaming with your Outcrop – Using 3D Drone Photogrammetry to Define Subsurface Reservoir Models.


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